In the summer of 1990 Congress enacted the most significant labor and employment statue in 15 years: The "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA).   ADA prohibits discrimination of all types based on physical disabilities.   This includes defacto discrimination as might be created by factors limiting access to public spaces to those so disabled.

Of note to the industry is the prohibition of any object protruding from the wall over 4 inches when mounted between 27 and 80 inches above the finished floor of public access spaces and corridors (there are exceptions such as when an object, such as a table, is intended to be permanently in place directly below an object protruding from a wall).  This is intended to prevent head injuries to the visually impaired as they often use walls to guide themselves.

Since the introduction of the ADA statue, ARTEMIDE has devoted serious efforts to continuously expand its selection of compliant wall luminaires, through the modification of existing models and the periodic introduction of new models, specifically designed to meet these requirements.  Today, ARTEMIDE offers a large selection of wall sconces of diversified styles and construction, in both incandescent and fluorescent versions, which are ADA compliant and which represent a design and cost effective solution to this Federal Law.

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